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Uniting with the help of CarePortal

More than 400,000 children will be in the United States’ child welfare system sometime this year. Of those, more than 100,000 of them have no parents. Using our CarePortal platform, local churches across the U.S. are stepping into the lives of children and families in their own neighborhoods.

CarePortal promotes unity in and among the Church and seeks to build a network across denominational, ethnic, and socio-economic lines. While we are open to the support of other faith-based organizations, The Global Orphan Project exists to help Bible-believing Christian churches care for vulnerable children and families in their own communities. CarePortal was developed as a ministry tool to help accomplish the mission of meeting needs, making personal connections, and establishing meaningful relationships within and beyond the community of Christ-following believers.

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Close to Mother’s Day in May, His Haven has their annual Beautiful You Women’s Day where women who are from His Haven’s target audience are able to come to the outreach center and receive a haircut, style, manicure and pedicure, a gently used business casual outfit along with a professional photo shoot, banquet, inspirational speech and bag of brand new personal hygiene items at no charge to the participant.  

Additionally, Adults with Purpose allows individuals to come through our doors and do a simple intake process to see where they are desiring to go in their next level.  Every situation is different.  They may desire to be reunited with their children, to not be homeless anymore, to secure employment and more.  

His Haven helps people get from point A to their point B and along the way, we assist them in finding out more about themselves and what their purpose in life might be.  It is a unique process which requires time, commitment, dedication, relationship and individualized care.  

Through our Adults with Purpose Programming, we have assisted adults in our community to do the following:

  • Secure employment
  • Secure housing after being homeless
  • Learn valuable life skills such as home health and hygiene along with organizational skills, in an effort to be reunited with their children 
  • Start businesses 
  • Assisted in the fulfillment of court ordered community service hours 
  • Been a host site for unemployed young men and women who desire to seek additional job training  
  • Assisted participants in not only being program participants, but to be program volunteers to serve others that are in the shoes they once were 
  • Exit toxic and abusive relationships 
  • Find self-worth and individual value 
  • We have assisted those in need of furniture and household items 
  • We have assisted those in need of clothing and personal hygiene items 
  • We have assisted those in need of food 
  • We have assisted those in need of transportation

Homeless Shelter

Due to the overwhelming need in Chemung County His Haven is providing solutions for the homeless.  Our Homeless Initiative is a unique approach helps people get free from homelessness and puts them on a path to success.  If you would like to help with this program or have questions please contact our office.

Our home for women in distress, which includes victims of trafficking or domestic violence is in development.

Visitation Center

More recently, in response to an overwhelming need in our area for additional visitation sites, we have joined the Supervised Visitation Network and begun mentoring our staff under a seasoned visitation specialist who has had over 20 years of experience doing supervised family visitations in our county.  All our visitations are currently done at the 559 Spaulding facility.  

We are running this program independently and we look forward to serving the community to fill this tremendous need to provide a neutral ground for non-custodial parents to have supervised regular visits with their children in a safe environment.  Although visitation with a non-custodial parent is a rewarding event for the child/ren, we are currently putting our Supervised Visitation Program under Adults with Purpose because the expectation is on the partnership between the guardian and non-custodial parent to achieve reunification with their children, when possible.

His Haven’s core mission is family reunification and to prevent the breakup of the existing family unit.

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