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“Many people struggle with poverty and hopelessness, so His Haven offers solutions that develop individual growth, build strong families and create thriving communities.”

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About Our Community Outreach Programs…

Most of what we do at His Haven will fall under one of these core divisions…

Adults With Purpose

His Haven provides comprehensive programs for adults who are starting over and desire to live with purpose. We serve men and women coming out of difficult circumstances and seeking to rebuild their lives on a firm foundation.

Metro Kids

Metro Kids provides structured programs and activities for children and youth in the metro area who are considered at-risk. Our programs give these young people a safe, supportive environment and help build self-esteem and life skills.

Senior Smiles

At His Haven, our Senior Smiles program brings joy and companionship to lonely seniors in our community. We focus our programming outreach on seniors living independently or in care facilities who lack a local family support network.

Community Kitchen

Our community kitchen provides free, nutritious meals to underprivileged individuals and families in need. This vital service helps alleviate food insecurity and provides a dependable source of healthy meals to those facing challenging circumstances.

Our Vision…


The following is our vision for future expansion, starting in Elmira, NY and to be duplicated in communities nationwide…

Outreach Centers

His Haven is building Outreach Centers in our communities.  We are having community outreaches to feed and cloth people in need.  We help the people in our neighborhoods reach their next level.

Youth Camps

VISION:  His Haven plans to have summer camps for youth and teens.  There is nothing more impacting and life changing then a week at camp where children can learn more about God and develop their relationship with Him and each other.

Unwed Mothers

VISION:  His Haven plans to open a series of homes for women with children in distress, or young moms that are pregnant, where we will offer love, counseling, education, and support.

Homeless Initiative

His Haven has solutions to help homeless in our communities.  We are providing warm and safe shelter, clothing and food, to those that are in need.  We help the people in our neighborhoods reach their next level.

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$3,830,500 Goal

To acquire properties

His Haven is actively seeking to acquire properties in Elmira, Corning, Ithaca, and Waverly, NY to support our outreach efforts. These properties will be used to establish community centers focused on serving those in need. We are also looking for houses that can provide homeless individuals and families in distress with stable housing.

In addition, we plan to acquire a suitable parcel of land within 40 miles of Elmira, NY to develop a youth camp. This camp will provide children from underprivileged backgrounds with opportunities to experience outdoor activities and develop life skills.

Get Involved

If you have property you believe would help further the mission of His Haven, we welcome you to contact our office. All gifts of real estate are tax-deductible. To raise the necessary funds for these property acquisitions, we plan to reach out to our network of supporters.

This includes:

  • Launching a fundraising campaign on our website and social media channels
  • Sending direct mail and email appeals to prior donors
  • Approaching philanthropic foundations and grantmakers aligned with our mission
  • Organizing in-person fundraising events in target communities

We estimate needing to raise $3,800,000 to purchase suitable properties over the next year. With the generosity of donors who share our vision, we are confident this goal is within reach. The properties we acquire will provide the physical spaces needed to expand our programs and serve more people. Ultimately, this will enable His Haven to further our mission of providing help, hope and homes for those in need.

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"At His Haven we genuinely love people and it shows in everything we do"

- Todd Moss

CEO, His Haven

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His Haven is a non-profit, 501(c)3 Purely Public Charity, faith-based organization created to genuinely love, train and equip people to reach their highest potential by networking or providing them with necessary tools, favorable opportunities, and conditions to assist them in reaching their desired, God-given level of excellence.

As a nonprofit, His Haven relies on the generous donations of our supporters and grants to fund our operations. We do not have shareholders or equity investors. Instead, we have a volunteer Board of Directors that provides governance and oversight.

Our staffing model utilizes both paid employees and volunteers. Paid staff oversee core operations and management. Volunteers supplement our workforce in programs and events.

His Haven maintains the following functional departments:

  • Programs - Manages all charitable programs and services we provide the community.
  • Development - Oversees fundraising, grant writing, and community engagement.
  • Finance - Handles budgeting, accounting, payroll, and reporting.
  • Administration - Provides support with HR, legal, IT, and general operations.

This organizational structure allows His Haven to deliver our mission effectively as a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

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