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“Many people struggle with poverty and hopelessness, so His Haven offers solutions that develop individual growth, build strong families and create thriving communities.”

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About Our Community Challenges…

Unwed Moms

Many pregnant, or young moms, are still children themselves, they are often scared, and hopeless, unable to care for a baby.

Outreach Centers

Many people struggle with poverty and hopelessness.  We provide hope by reaching out to these people in our community, providing food, and clothing.

Youth Camps

Today, like never before, kids are under tremendous pressure… self-doubt, peer pressure, substance abuse, self injury and a myriad of potential harm.

There is an immediate need for a home in Elmira now.  We have women in distressful situations and no where to place them.   
We have made a cash offer on a building and need to raise $250,000 to pay for the building and to cover the first year of overhead expenses. 
This will provide a loving solution for many women in our community.   
Please help with what you are able... it adds up quickly when we as a community stand to do something together.

Our Vision…

His Haven is a non-profit, 501(c)3 Purely Public Charity, faith-based organization created to genuinely love, train and equip people to reach their highest potential by networking or providing them with necessary tools, favorable opportunities, and conditions to assist them in reaching their desired, God-given level of excellence.

The following is our vision starting in Elmira, NY and to be duplicated in communities nationwide…

Outreach Centers

His Haven is building Outreach Centers in our communities.  We are having community outreaches to feed and cloth people in need.  We help the people in our neighborhoods reach their next level.

Unwed Mothers

VISION:  His Haven plans to open a series of homes for women in distress, or young moms that are pregnant, where we will offer love, counseling, education, and support.

Youth Camps

VISION:  His Haven plans to have summer camps for youth and teens.  There is nothing more impacting and life changing then a week at camp where children can learn more about God and develop their relationship with Him and each other.

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$830,500 Goal

To acquire properties

People are giving us houses, land, buildings and cars that we are using to bless our communities. 

We are looking to acquire property in Elmira, NY, Ithaca NY and Williamsport, PA that will be used for our Outreach Centers.  Houses are also being donated for homes to be used for those that are less fortunate.  

We are also looking for land that will be suitable for a youth camp.

If you have a property that you would like us to consider please contact our office. All gifts are tax deductible.

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"Thank you so much for partnering with His Haven... Please make certain you provide us with a good email address so that we can keep you posted on our progress and upcoming events"

- Todd Moss

CEO, His Haven

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