Green Roof Technologies is using Roof Maxx to restore the roof at His Havens Southside Outreach Center

Life is coming back into our roof today at His Haven Southside! Thank you, Roof Maxx! We need many more years in this building and a good healthy roof is a guarantee for that!

Roof Maxx can take an old roof and rejuvenate it extending the life for years.  Contact Terry Keegan at Green Roof Technologies if your roof needs help… His Haven gives them a 5-Star rating for service and a quality product.  Learn More…

Kids Farmer’s Market

It’s fresh fruits and vegetables for all at His Haven Woodlawn today at our weekly Kid’s Farmer’s Market! The children attending our Summer Drop-In Program are so excited to help inventory and display the fruit and produce as well as restock shelves once a family has come through to shop!! It’s free and it’s fun!  Our next one is October 6th!

That’s a week at His Haven!

That’s a week at His Haven! Almost 90 dinners were served at Southside tonight for Family Dinner. THANK YOU for your continued meal support, Penn Ave Methodist Church and your love for our Southside Community!
Summer Drop-In at His Haven Northside welcomed many new faces this week. Among some of our summer fun activities…chess, bracelet making and some really cool crafts. Thank you to a friend of His Haven who donated two bins of Lego’s. They have provided hours of fun this week!
Looking ahead to next week… in addition to our regularly scheduled programming, please join us for several special events. Kid’s Farmer’s Market on Monday from 12:30-1:30 pm. Tanglewood Tuesday on July 26th from 4-5pm. Both events will be located at His Haven northside at 346 Woodlawn Ave.