A little over four years ago, Todd and I moved to Elmira, NY with our family, desiring to do something in our community that would allow individuals and families an opportunity to have a brighter future. The Lord told us to determine in our hearts what we were passionate about and make that our priority!

Loving and helping people is what we determined was the heartbeat of our passion! With that passion at the forefront of all that we set out to do, we founded His Haven, an organization that impacts the lives of individuals needing gentle support in life.

Over the past four years, we have been given the priceless opportunity to walk through life with individuals facing some of life’s most uncertain circumstances. Homelessness, abandonment, abuse, addiction, hunger and so much more. We have laughed and we have cried together as we have walked alongside many individuals and families as they took steps to find victory in their lives.

If you have determined in your heart that what His Haven is passionate about is what YOU are passionate about and you have put that passion in motion by sowing a seed of time, a financial gift or making a donation of any type that goes right back out into our community, the victories of these amazing individuals and families are for you to celebrate as well. You helped make them possible! Thank you for your support and thank you for seeing the value of all that His Haven is continuing to do in our community.

A seven year old girl recently came to His Haven with two crumpled dollar bills in a little white envelope and said, “Can you please use this to feed the homeless?” This young lady had determined what she was passionate about and put that passion in motion with just two dollars!! We want to thank this young lady for for seeing the value in what His Haven is doing in our community and we want to thank YOU for continuing to see the valuable impact His Haven is making in the lives of individuals and families right here…right now!

Determine your passion and make a difference!  Giving looks good on you!
With gratitude…Todd and Julia Moss

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