How has His Haven Northside been serving our community this week at our 346 Woodlawn Ave. location? It’s been service with a smile and a little something for everyone!!
Thursday afternoon was our monthly Kid’s Farmer’s Market, provided by our local Food Bank, which supplies fresh produce for community children to bring home to their families.
Friday evening was His Haven’s kick off of the first of three ‘First Friday’ Family Summer Picnics! On the menu was smoked pulled pork, baked beans, mac and cheese, caesar salad, fresh watermelon and a plethra of desserts!
Monday afternoon His Haven started the countdown for our final two weeks of after school drop-in program, and today we said goodbye to our BOCES students for the year, opened our Kids Farmers Market for parents with toddlers and provided social hour…Coffee and Crumbs for all our community senior friends!
For more current events, feel free to message His Haven or check out our website and Facebook page!
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