This was a senseless act of vandalism that impacts so many. It’s hard to be mad, because this is truly, just so sad.
At about 3:30 am Sunday morning, two individuals tried, unsuccessfully, to enter the Community Cupboard at our His Haven Southside location. Upon the realization that the building was secure, one of the individuals proceeded to forcefully throw a large rock at the front door, shattering the glass of the only entry door into the Community Cupboard.
These individuals clearly had no idea the impact their actions would have on our community today on the Southside. To the individuals that did this to our door, it is important to know that this was not just an ordinary door. It was a door that countless people that needed gentle food support went in and out of daily to collect free food items for themselves and their family. It was a door that meant someone, homeless and hungry, could come in and take a couple of pieces of fresh fruit and a package of crackers and be on their way with a much needed afternoon snack. It was a door that meant the difference between a mom or dad with small children feeding or not feeding their family on any given night with free fresh bread and produce that they had access to through this door! It was a door that has offered food provision to so many that might be struggling with food insecurity. This was His Haven’s door into the lives of so many of the people we care about in our community. It’s hard to be mad, because this is truly, just so sad.
For the safety of our community friends, the Community Cupboard has to be closed until further notice. For those that depend on having access to the food in this cupboard, please be patient and bear with us as we are scrambling to get this door repaired quickly so our community friends may safely have access, once again. We will keep you posted, community friends.
UPDATE!  A tremendous thank you to a generous friend of the ministry that wanted to expedite the needed repairs on His Haven’s Community Cupboard door by providing a generous donation through our website. Many thanks to Hetrick’s Glass Shop for squeezing His Haven into their busy schedule this week! Looking good! We’re almost back in business!
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