After School Drop-In 2023

Today was His Haven’s FIRST day of After School Drop-In for the 23-24 school year! Today, we not only welcomed back our precious students and faithful volunteers, we also welcomed our new Program Director, Virgie Glass. Virgie recently relocated from Texas to New York as a college student at Remnant Bible College in Horseheads and she has a heart and passion for individuals and families! Working with children is just one of her many talents and His Haven and our Elmira community are beyond blessed to have her facilitating our after school program at His Haven Northside!
His Haven is currently seeking volunteers to assist with meal prep, tutoring and programming assistance during our after-school program. If interested, please private message us for more details.

Some Pig!

That’s “some pig”! (for all you Charlotte’s Web fans out there!) THANK YOU, Chemung County Sunrise Rotary Club! It is donations like this and all the other generous donations from community friends that help His Haven continue to serve the community in such a tremendous way! THANK YOU!

The Golden Girls

Hundreds of clean, gently used clothing items, backpacks, shoes/boots, new socks, undergarments, winter coats, blankets, winter warmth accessories, hygiene products…these are all items His Haven provides to the community through our Homeless Initiative Program throughout the year, but next level ministry is what happened when these ladies came to His Haven to share their passion about serving others that struggle with housing insecurity.
It took no time at all before these ladies were firing up our ovens and whipping up some homecooked deliciousness. Every Wednesday evening, after spending an afternoon creating in the kitchen, these volunteers hand deliver the meals they have lovingly prepared to homeless individuals and families that are housed temporarily in Elmira at various locations. They visit under the bridges and specific places where they know people are hungry. On any given Wednesday, they distribute between 60 to 85 free meals, but what is even more genuine about the passion that drives these committed volunteers is that they don’t just drop off a meal. They spend time investing into the lives of our local homeless individuals and families by listening, talking and visiting with them with no expectation of anything in return.
Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven and His Haven is so grateful for these ladies and their weekly labor of love for our homeless community. They are a wonderful addition to His Haven and we are grateful to have them be a part of our team!

Summer Programming

It’s hard to believe that five out of our six weeks of summer drop-in program are behind us, but here’s a sneak peek of some of the fun festivities that have been going on at His Haven Northside, Monday through Thursday. Included in all the fun are visits from Cornell Cooperative Extension, Tanglewood, and a weekly drop of fresh produce from the Food Bank for our weekly Kids Farmers Market! It’s unbelievable that our summer programming is already coming to an end!

His Haven Northside Activities

How has His Haven Northside been serving our community this week at our 346 Woodlawn Ave. location? It’s been service with a smile and a little something for everyone!!
Thursday afternoon was our monthly Kid’s Farmer’s Market, provided by our local Food Bank, which supplies fresh produce for community children to bring home to their families.
Friday evening was His Haven’s kick off of the first of three ‘First Friday’ Family Summer Picnics! On the menu was smoked pulled pork, baked beans, mac and cheese, caesar salad, fresh watermelon and a plethra of desserts!
Monday afternoon His Haven started the countdown for our final two weeks of after school drop-in program, and today we said goodbye to our BOCES students for the year, opened our Kids Farmers Market for parents with toddlers and provided social hour…Coffee and Crumbs for all our community senior friends!
For more current events, feel free to message His Haven or check out our website and Facebook page!

His Haven Northside Photo Dump

His Haven Northside photo dump! If you live in or around Woodlawn Ave., your children would probably really enjoy being a part of our after school and upcoming summer drop-in program! A hot, home cooked meal, tutoring, interaction with staff and friends, indoor and outdoor activities and more!

With the recent arrival of beautiful weather here in Elmira, rock painting and chalk drawing contests are among the many activities everyone gets to enjoy!

Ohhh….the joy of being a child! His Haven wants to help kids create happy, long lasting memories!

Elmira, giving looks good on you!

A little over four years ago, Todd and I moved to Elmira, NY with our family, desiring to do something in our community that would allow individuals and families an opportunity to have a brighter future. The Lord told us to determine in our hearts what we were passionate about and make that our priority!

Loving and helping people is what we determined was the heartbeat of our passion! With that passion at the forefront of all that we set out to do, we founded His Haven, an organization that impacts the lives of individuals needing gentle support in life.

Over the past four years, we have been given the priceless opportunity to walk through life with individuals facing some of life’s most uncertain circumstances. Homelessness, abandonment, abuse, addiction, hunger and so much more. We have laughed and we have cried together as we have walked alongside many individuals and families as they took steps to find victory in their lives.

If you have determined in your heart that what His Haven is passionate about is what YOU are passionate about and you have put that passion in motion by sowing a seed of time, a financial gift or making a donation of any type that goes right back out into our community, the victories of these amazing individuals and families are for you to celebrate as well. You helped make them possible! Thank you for your support and thank you for seeing the value of all that His Haven is continuing to do in our community.

A seven year old girl recently came to His Haven with two crumpled dollar bills in a little white envelope and said, “Can you please use this to feed the homeless?” This young lady had determined what she was passionate about and put that passion in motion with just two dollars!! We want to thank this young lady for for seeing the value in what His Haven is doing in our community and we want to thank YOU for continuing to see the valuable impact His Haven is making in the lives of individuals and families right here…right now!

Determine your passion and make a difference!  Giving looks good on you!
With gratitude…Todd and Julia Moss


Christmas Memories

Today was so much fun with 20 of our His Haven Northside after school Drop-In Program children! It was a bus trip to Southside for their turn to shop for Under the Tree From Me, an opportunity to pick out some new PJ’s, a pizza party with LOTS of Christmas cookies and a tour through Tinsel Town on the way back to Northside! There was so much joy and excitement in the air as they sang Christmas carols, selected gifts for their loved ones and giggled and gasped at the incredible display of Christmas lights! A cherished childhood Christmas memory made, for sure!