Kids Farmer’s Market

It’s fresh fruits and vegetables for all at His Haven Woodlawn today at our weekly Kid’s Farmer’s Market! The children attending our Summer Drop-In Program are so excited to help inventory and display the fruit and produce as well as restock shelves once a family has come through to shop!! It’s free and it’s fun!  Our next one is October 6th!

That’s a week at His Haven!

That’s a week at His Haven! Almost 90 dinners were served at Southside tonight for Family Dinner. THANK YOU for your continued meal support, Penn Ave Methodist Church and your love for our Southside Community!
Summer Drop-In at His Haven Northside welcomed many new faces this week. Among some of our summer fun activities…chess, bracelet making and some really cool crafts. Thank you to a friend of His Haven who donated two bins of Lego’s. They have provided hours of fun this week!
Looking ahead to next week… in addition to our regularly scheduled programming, please join us for several special events. Kid’s Farmer’s Market on Monday from 12:30-1:30 pm. Tanglewood Tuesday on July 26th from 4-5pm. Both events will be located at His Haven northside at 346 Woodlawn Ave.

Kids Farmers Market

Parents and children…you’re invited to stop on over at His Haven Northside today from 12:30-1:30 pm at 346 Woodlawn Ave to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables! It’s going to be fun…and it’s FREE!



Interactive and creative fun!

Have not seen one phone come out of a pocket or had any requests for TV or computer games!
Just hours of inside and outside interactive and creative fun!
Lincoln Logs, blocks, play dough and a hilarious game of UNO to end our day!
Would love to build our Lego stash if anyone is cleaning out closets!
Legos, Knex, Matchbox cars, trains and tracks and any other fun items you would like to send our way!

His Haven Northside

His Haven Northside opened it’s doors for the first day of Summer Drop-In Program for the children and youth from the Woodlawn community. Six weeks of summer fun along with a delicious breakfast and lunch available Monday- Friday!

Northside children and youth, we want to meet you! Please drop-in!


Summer Drop-In Program

Finalizing details to launch our Summer Drop-In Program at His Haven Northside on Tuesday, July 5th! Here are some of the behind-the-scenes pictures before the transformation. Be on the lookout for our after pictures! Our UPS driver must love us about now! To register your child for Summer Drop-In, please complete the following form:

Flower Planting Frenzy

It was a flower planting frenzy today at His Haven Northside! Woodlawn Property Manager and maintenance staff had a plethora of flowers and mulch waiting for this amazing ARC team to plant today. After planting over 50 seedlings and spreading over 100 lbs of mulch, we ended our day with a few rounds of bingo after lunch! Be sure to do a drive by to admire all their hard work!


Tanglewood Tuesday

Today was Tanglewood Tuesday at His Haven Northside. We met Skittles the box turtle and Ben the guinea pig! It is fun to see the enthusiasm in the children as they are given an opportunity to meet, greet, touch and hold the animals. Join us in two weeks for our next Tanglewood Tuesday!